Welcome to our Benefice

The Shrivenham & Ashbury Benefice is situated in the Vale Of White Horse, 8 miles east of Swindon and 25 miles west of Oxford, and consists of four parishes within the Dorchester Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Oxford.

Our churches are all different, but are united in wishing to mirror the hospitality of God to those we meet.

Services in Church after 19th July

Please do not come into church if you think you may have symptoms of Covid 19.

The new guidance from the national church runs to 12 pages and I’m sure many ministry teams are reflecting that life was simpler when we just had regulations to follow! Our priority is, as always, to keep you safe so we have decided to introduce changes gradually and following local risk assessments.

For the time being, therefore, we will continue to ask you to wear a mask during services, to observe social distancing and either to sign in or use the QR code. Should you prefer not to do this, we ask you to be respectful of those who have made a different choice and to give them the space they need. 

Any decision to attend church must be yours, taken prudently and prayerfully in the light of your own health and wellbeing, as well as those around you. Please don’t feel obliged to come just because the service is happening – we won’t be offended!

Our regular online services and sermons continue and most of our churches are open at least once a week for private prayer. Please download the Newsletter for full details.

If you need to talk or ask for specific prayers, please get in touch.

Richard Fergusson's sermon for Sunday 1st August

Richard reflects on the ancient festival of Lammas or 'Loaf-Mass' and on Jesus' statement "I am the Bread of Life".

Longcot Church

St Mary's Church is currently closed for building work to create the St Mary’s Community Hub. This will include the installation of kitchen and toilet facilities, a meeting room and improved disabled access.
More information about the project is available here.
Services will continue in the parish, but will be held in St John’s Church in Fernham instead.

The Benefice Payer for Renewal

Heavenly Father, in Jesus name we ask for a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit on our Benefice.
Help us to grow in our experience of your love, forgiveness and healing.
Challenge our contentment to stay as we are.
Renew our vision of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
That through our words and the way we live, others may be drawn to his way.
Give us the wisdom to seek your will and grant us the joy that comes from wholeheartedly following it.
For your Glory and the good of all your people.

This prayer was written by Revd Nicholas Gandy OGS and is used with his blessing.

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