Benefice Generosity Week

Sunday 18th - Sunday 25th April

Giving and generosity are inextricably linked with living out the Christian faith.  Giving at its core is in the nature of God – and we see this woven throughout the Bible in many guises. Generosity is not just about giving financially, but also about living a generous life – sharing hospitality, time, attentiveness, and many other attributes. It is about our state of heart, and the relationship we have between material and spiritual things. In order to think about our own generosity, we must begin by reflecting on the generous nature of God, and how we respond to that with gratitude and grace.

Join us daily at 9:00am on Facebook for Morning Prayer based on the following themes:

Sunday 18th:  The Gift of Creation
Monday 19th: God’s Faithful Provision
Tuesday 20th: By your Side
Wednesday 21st: Generosity of Gift
Thursday 22nd: Giving as Sacrifice
Friday 23rd: Giving as Worship
Saturday 24th: Sharing in Diversity
Sunday 25th: Love in Truth and Action

Click the podcast links below to journey through the Bible with a range of different contributors from across the UK, as they bring experiences from their lives that speak of the generosity of God at work in the world today.

Sunday 18th: Genesis 2: 5-10.  Revd Harry Steele. Listen here.
Monday 19th: Exodus 17:1-7.  Rachel Mander. Listen here.
Tuesday 20th: Ruth 1: 16-18.  Phil and Dani Knox. Listen here.
Wednesday 21st: 2 Samuel 24: 21-25.  Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin. Listen here.
Thursday 22nd: Luke 22: 14-23.  Fr Paul Thomas. Listen here.
Friday 23rd:  Romans 12: 1-13.  Hazel Lynch. Listen here.
Saturday 24th:  1 Corinthians 12: 1-31.  Robin Peake. Listen here.
Sunday 25th:  1 John 3: 16-24.  Bishop Guli Francis-Dehqani. Listen here.

Use the podcast to give yourself a bit of space each day to focus on generosity and how you can positively impact the world around you, maybe using these “Acts of Generosity or Gratitude”.

G     Giving something you value to someone else. (Sunday 18th)
E      Encouraging someone else to do their very best for others. (Monday 19th)
N      Never be selfish today (and try this everyday!) (Tuesday 20th)
E      Enjoy helping someone with a task difficult for them to do alone. (Wednesday 21st)
R      Raising support for a good cause. (Thursday 22nd)
O     Offering what you can of your time, talents and money for God’s work here. (Friday 23rd)
U     Unselfish sharing of something you have been given. (Saturday 24th)
S      Sharing your faith with someone in words, and/or action. (Sunday 25th)

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